Rumors of Apple’s products seeing a growth spurt in 2014 continue to pop up. The latest rumor from PadNews suggests that a 12.9-inch iPad is being tested at Foxconn, and the larger tablet is currently going through UI prototype debugging. Other sources seem to think that the larger screen might come in at a more manageable 11.4 inches. PadNews also claims that the “iPad maxi” will be released in March of 2014, which would put just a five month buffer between the releases of the iPad Air and the new, larger iPad. According to PadNews, there are reports “by major research institutions” which state that the market for 10-inch plus tablets will grow next year, in part due to Microsoft’s Surface tablets. Still, it’s hard to imagine Apple announcing a new product like this so soon after launching its new iPad Air and iPad mini. At the same time, however, the company certainly doesn’t want to go another year without launching any mobile products like it did in 2013.