Google is not very good at keeping things a secret. Not very good at all. Photos, videos and various details surrounding the just-announced Nexus 5 smartphone had leaked for months leading up to the phone’s debut, and it all started with Google accidentally posting a video that included a shot of the device. Now, staying true to form, Google has published a marketing photo on its website that likely reveals its next-generation Nexus tablet. The photo was first pointed out on a forum and then noticed by Ars Technica, which points out that the tablet has very slim bezels on the sides, on-screen buttons and a display that likely measures about 8 inches diagonally. The “Nexus 8” also bears an undeniable resemblance to LG’s latest 8.3-inch tablet, which suggests that Google likely partnered with LG on its upcoming pure Google tablet as it did with the new Nexus 5. The full photo of the alleged Nexus 8 follows below.