The iPad Air’s opening weekend has finally come to a close, and if you guessed it would look something like the first weekend of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, you might not be wrong. According to Fiksu, within just three days, the iPad Air already accounts for 0.74% of all Apple tablets based on recorded usage of Fiksu client apps. Putting this into perspective, three days after the iPad mini launched it had only captured 0.21% of the iPad market, and the fourth-generation iPad only took 0.15% in the same amount of time.

Mixpanel’s results are even more positive for the Cupertino company, showing 1.53% usage after the weekend. Simultaneously, usage of the first-gen iPad, second-gen iPad and iPad mini fell, possibly supporting OnePoll’s report of tablet owners looking to trade up for the latest iPad.

Apple still hasn’t released any sales numbers for the new tablet, but if the usage data is any indication, Apple might be on its way to another huge holiday season for the iPad.