We already know that Apple has smashed previous sales records with its new iPhone models, but a new report breaks down precisely which colors flew off store shelves the fastest. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the space gray iPhone 5s accounted for 43% of all 5s sales, with silver and gold reaching 30% and 27%, respectively. The gold color received the most attention pre-launch, but there were reports of supply constraints, which might be the reason that the gold iPhone 5s models did not sell as well. There is much less disparity in iPhone 5c sales, although blue edged out the others with 27% of sales, white came in at 25%, green at 21% and pink at 20%. Yellow is clearly the least desired of all the available colors, attracting only 7% of consumers who bought a 5c. A chart from CIRP showing the breakdown can be seen below.