Sony ran into trouble last week when it had to postpone the release of Driveclub, a launch title and PlayStation 4 exclusive, immediately following Ubisoft’s surprising delays of Watch Dogs and The Crew. In order to combat the disappointment and reinvigorate fans, Sony has released a video promoting all the exclusive content coming to the PlayStation 4, from games that won’t show up on any other console to extra features that will only appear on the PS4 versions of huge triple-A releases.

In the video, Sony claims that 24 exclusives have been announced for its system so far, and over 180 games are currently in development, “more than any other next-gen console.” You can check out a few of those exclusive titles at participating retailers with PS4 demo kiosks right now. The console wars continue to heat up as November inches ever closer. Expect the advertising onslaught to continue in force throughout the holiday season.