Google Glass won’t launch until sometime next year and when it does, it’s likely that only the most fearless geeks will dare to wear the connected headset out in public. According to MIT’s Technology Review blog, Google is already hard at work on a top-secret follow-up to Glass — on that we hope will be a bit less conspicuous. Mary Lou Jepsen, who currently heads the display division in Google’s secretive “Google X” lab, told the audience at MIT’s EmTech conference last week that she is currently only getting about three hours of sleep each night as she toils away getting Google’s Glass successor ready for primetime. Jepsen didn’t share any details, though it might be a touch worrying that she also described Google Glass as “cool” during her talk. Google Glass is a lot of things and it’s definitely an exciting first look at one direction wearable computing may head, but we’re not so sure “cool” is the right way to describe it.