It looks like some companies just can’t pass up a bargain. Few seemed to show real interest in BlackBerry back when the future was still up in the air, but now that think are looking incredibly bleak the company is reportedly drawing all kinds of feelers. Cerberus was recently revealed to be working on gaining access to BlackBerry’s confidential financials in order to thoroughly weigh a bid, and even BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis is playing with the notion of helping take back his old company. Now, a recent report from Reuters suggests a few more big names are considering bids for all or parts of BlackBerry’s business: Cisco, SAP, Intel, LG, Google and even Samsung. It’s unclear which bits and pieces each company may chase but now that the vultures are really circling, all we can do is hope that as many BlackBerry workers as possible are able to keep their jobs when all is said and done.