Samsung’s debut smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, will debut later this week as the world prepares to watch the top smartphone vendor on the planet try its hand in the emerging wearable computing market. At launch, however, the Gear smartwatch will only be compatible with a single smartphone — and it happens to be a smartphone that no one in the U.S. owns. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 will debut on the same day as the Galaxy Gear in the U.S. and for the time being, it will be the only phone in the world to feature full Galaxy Gear compatibility. According to a recent report from CNET however, Samsung will issue updates by the end of the year to bring full Galaxy Gear compatibility to the flagship Galaxy S4 as well as the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. In the meantime, Samsung’s first smartwatch already has its first major hurdle to overcome before it even debuts — then again, the Galaxy Gear doesn’t seem terribly exciting to begin with.