Whatever your opinions are of the competing next-gen consoles, there’s no question that Sony has had a leg up on Microsoft in a few very important categories. One of those includes backwards compatibility, which neither console will feature at launch. Sony announced its partnership with Gaikai months ago, which will allow all the previous generations of PlayStation games, included PS3 games, to be streamed over the cloud starting in 2014. Microsoft has yet to respond with a cloud streaming solution of its own for the Xbox One, but The Verge reports that an internal meeting at Microsoft this week might have been the first demonstration of an upcoming backwards compatibility feature.

According to the report, “Microsoft demonstrated Halo 4 running on a Windows Phone and PC, both streaming the game from the cloud.” It’s still just a prototype at this point, and Microsoft didn’t release any details on branding or an announcement, but this is a very good sign for any Xbox faithful concerned by Microsoft’s apparent delay in catching up with Sony’s plans.