NVIDIA has finally taken the lid off of its tablet. The Tegra Note is a “complete tablet platform” created by NVIDIA and powered by its own Tegra 4 mobile processor. The Tegra Note will feature the latest Android OS, a 7-inch HD IPS LCD display at 1280 x 800 resolution, rear 5-megapixel and front VGA webcam, 16GB internal storage with microSD slot, “HD Audio” stereo speakers, stylus with DirectStylus technology, HDMI port and 10 hours of HD video playback.

NVIDIA also announced a few accessories that can be purchased for the tablet, including a slide cover that can serve as a stand and the DirectStylus Pro Pack, which “enables a variety of writing styles with interchangeable tips.” The tablet can also function as a game controller via a Bluetooth connection.

There is no release date yet for NVIDIA’s tablet, but the company did announce several of its partners in North America, Europe and Asia which will carry the Tegra Note slate. The company also said its Tegra Note will cost $199 upon release.