We had a great time checking out Sony’s upcoming QX10 and QX100 Cyber-shot “lens cameras” but as interesting and unique as they are, we had trouble believing the public at large would shell out $500 or even $250 for these nifty smartphone accessories. As it turns out, we might have been way off. As pointed out by co-founder of Dubai-based WNDR Media, Narain Jashanmal, Sony’s new Cyber-shot accessories recently became available for preorder and as of this past Saturday, the more expensive QX100 was Amazon’s top-selling product in both the “Camera Lenses” and the “Point-and-shoot Digital Cameras” categories. At the time of this writing, the QX100 was still No.8 and No.19 in the two categories, respectively. The QX10, meanwhile, was No.11 in “Camera Lenses” and No.24 in “Point-and-shoot Digital Cameras,” which is still pretty respectable for devices no one thought would gain much traction. Both models will launch later this month and more details can be found in our hands-on preview.