The music streaming service Grooveshark seems to be stuck in perpetual hot water. When we last reported on Grooveshark, the company’s app had been pulled from the Google Play store, and things haven’t been much smoother in the year since then. After surviving a few lawsuits and finally launching an HTML5 compatible version of their site, a recent settlement and licensing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the largest music publishing company in the world, might be a sign of a more stable future for Grooveshark.

According to a press release from Grooveshark, the terms of the agreement will remain confidential, but the settlement will “resolve all matters and disputes between Grooveshark and Sony/ATV Music Publishing to their mutual satisfaction.” Sony/ATV is the second publishing company to make an agreement with Grooveshark, EMI Music Publishing being the first.

“We are excited to add Sony/ATV Music’s impressive array of songwriters to our catalogue further advancing our mission to empower creators with the best audio platform in the world,” Grooveshark CEO and Co-founder Sam Tarantino said in a statement.