On a global scale, Samsung is absolutely obliterating Apple right now in terms of smartphone sales. At last count, Samsung shipped between 72 million and 76 million smartphones last quarter while iPhone sales came in at 31.2 million units. Drilling down to the all-too-important smartphone market in China, new data from market research firm Strategy Analytics suggests Samsung’s domination continued there as well last quarter. Yonhap News Agency on Tuesday got its hands on Strategy Analytics’ data, which shows Samsung smartphone shipments climbing to 15.3 million units, good for 19.4% of the market. Meanwhile, Apple sold an estimated 3.4 million iPhones in China in Q2 2013, and its market share fell to 4.3% as a result. In the previous quarter, Samsung shipped an estimated 12.5 million smartphones for 18.5% of the market, while Apple sold about 6.1 million iPhones.