HTC’s struggles continue despite the successful launch of its new flagship HTC One smartphone, and the company now believes it may soon post its first quarterly operating loss since becoming a public company. Noted and reputable Chinese analyst Alice Sun said last week that HTC was considering throwing in the towel and had begun speaking with potential buyers in search of an exit, but company chairwoman Cher Wang vehemently denied the report in a statement given to Engadget. “Based on recent inquiries related to rumors that HTC is looking to sell the company, we want to confirm that those rumors are untrue,” the statement read. “HTC is committed to innovation and will continue to deliver new designs and products to consumers worldwide. We appreciate the support and affirmation of our customers and have new initiatives underway to further build our global presence and a full resurgence of the HTC brand.” Sun isn’t backing down, however, and she says time will reveal the truth.