Google’s new Chromecast device lets iOS and Android smartphone and tablet owners wirelessly stream content to their TVs. It it also compatible with Chrome browsers on Windows and OS X, and Chrome OS devices. The small dongle, which was announced at a press conference on Wednesday, plugs directly into the TV through the HDMI port. At $35, Chromecast is an affordable and convenient way to watch your favorite online content on your TV. But as appealing as Chromecast sounds to many consumers, it may not sit well with some TV executives.

Peter Kafka at AllThingsD believes that some companies may not like the idea of Chromecast. He explained that companies such as Hulu have kept their services off TV screens for a reason, instead requiring users pay for premium services like Hulu Plus if they want to stream content to devices other than PCs. Chromecast’s ability to bring anything in the Chrome browser to the TV screen is a threat to Hulu’s business model.

Ossama Alami, a manager in Google’s developer relations group, said that TV companies shouldn’t be scared of Chromecast. He pointed out that people can already connect a cable from their laptop to their TV. Chromecast is essentially the same process, but it removes the need for wires.

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