When AT&T first landed the iPhone, the company’s network struggled to handle the rush of new smartphone owners. Dropped calls, failed messages and slow data speeds were the norm for many subscribers. AT&T’s reputation took a major hit, while at the same time Verizon built up its service to become America’s most reliable network — a statement the company still advertises to this day. AT&T has come a long way, however. Along with operating the fastest LTE network in the U.S., the company now claims its data network is more reliable than Verizon’s. In an advertisement spotted by CNET, AT&T notes that it operates “the nation’s fastest and now most reliable 4G LTE network,” citing an independent study conducted by an unnamed third-party firm. A Verizon spokesperson told BGR that “AT&T can make up whatever claim they want,” adding that Verizon will “let consumers make the ultimate decision.” An image of AT&T’s advertisement follows below.