BlackBerry confirmed on the earnings call following its dismal fiscal first-quarter report that despite the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 platform, it still has plans to release a new phone powered by the old BlackBerry 7 operating system. Since the company has yet to address the all-too-important budget price range with its new BB10 software, the curious move at least made some sense — while logic might dictate that BlackBerry should put all of its resources into BB10, a new BB7 phone might help stop low-end Android phones and Nokia’s Asha lineup from crushing BlackBerry sales in emerging markets. Unfortunately, BlackBerry’s upcoming BB7-powered smartphone, the BlackBerry 9270, appears to be a mid-range handset rather than a dirt-cheap budget phone, so it will seemingly compete with BlackBerry’s own Q5 smartphone as opposed to entry-level offerings from rivals. Several leaked photos of the upcoming BlackBerry 9270 published by the blog Thai BlackBerry Club follow below.