As has been the case for more than one out of every three Google services that have ever existed, Google Reader will be shut down in less than a week. Google’s feed reader has been the go-to option for RSS-based news consumption for years, and now users who have relied on Google Reader will have to look elsewhere to stay on top of new content from their favorite websites. BGR published our list of the five best Google Reader alternatives last week, and most of the chatter we’ve seen revolves around just a few of the five we mentioned. AOL’s new reader is getting some buzz as well, as is a forthcoming option called Digg Reader from Digg-owner Betaworks. There are certainly plenty of great services out there to choose from and we want to know which one is your new RSS reader of choice. Vote in the poll below and if your new feed reader isn’t listed among the options, let us know the name of the service you picked in the comments section.