Apple’s iOS 7 beta 2 update has just landed, but there’s some very noticeable changes, and it means that the company is still working on design refinement and enhancements, in addition to finalizing features before the public release this fall. Here is a quick walkthrough of what we have discovered so far in the form of screenshots in our gallery below:

  • Voice Notes app is back
  • Messages now shows message sending properly, and delivered and read notifications are properly spaced.
  • New Exchange logo in Mail
  • Voicemail now works
  • Traffic option in Notification Center
  • iTunes & App Store settings are now combined in Settings
  • Much more responsive in general
  • More easy to read notification drawer, lighter effects, and better close button.
  • Updated opacity / color in Folders background
  • Safari UI enhancements
  • Stronger Wi-Fi password suggestions for Personal Hotspot

We are going to keep updating this as we keep exploring more and more.