It wasn’t exactly a mystery leading up to today’s big event, but Facebook just took the wraps off its brand new Instagram video service during a press conference in California. Dubbed “Video on Instagram,” the service is akin to Twitter’s Vine app, which allows users to share short videos with friends on Twitter and within the Vine social network itself. Facebook’s solution is integrated with Instagram rather than Twitter, of course, and it adds an obvious twist: Instagram videos can be spiced up a bit with integrated filters.

In the case of Video on Instagram, Facebook is supporting videos up to 15 seconds in length. The video feature within the Instagram app also supports editing, which allows users to delete clips they don’t like and add new ones. Instagram has 13 brand new filters that are dedicated video filters as well, and they can be added after video is captured. Finally, Facebook announced a new “Cinema” feature that digitally stabilizes video as it is captured on the iPhone or Android phones.

Facebook also noted that over 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram thus far, and users collectively like over 1 billion photos each days. The company said Instagram’s monthly active user count now sits at 130 million.

Video on Instagram is available immediately via an update for the iPhone and Android apps, which has already been pushed out.