Apple’s new iOS 7 software is undoubtedly polarizing. Unveiled on Monday, the reimagined mobile platform has harsh critics and avid fans. Some find it “positively mind-blowing,” while others find the new design to be an eyesore. Opinions will change over time, of course, and the currently available version of iOS 7 is merely Apple’s first developer beta, so the software will change a great deal before it finds its way to consumers’ iPhones and iPads this coming fall. Love it or hate it, however, one things is certain: Visually, iOS 7 is a drastic departure from the user interface Apple fans are used to. As such, Co.Design put together a great photo series that helps users visualize the evolution from iOS 6 to iOS 7. A few images follow below, and the full set can be seen by following the link in the source section.