Microsoft and Sony plan to share more details surrounding their next-generation video game consoles on Monday from the annual E3 gaming conference, but we already know plenty. Sony was the first to unveil its new PlayStation 4 and while we haven’t yet seen the physical box — which is the absolutely least important part of the gaming experience, of course — we’ve seen what the PS4 can do thanks to several game demos. Microsoft followed Sony last month and debuted the Xbox One, which looks to tackle next-generation gaming as well as all of your home entertainment needs. Both consoles look terrific but with pricing still a mystery, a big question remains: How much would you pay for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

A report from earlier this week suggested that Sony plans to undercut Microsoft and sell its PlayStation 4 console for $349. According to the same report, Microsoft’s Xbox One will cost $399, though a subsidized option may be available for less money up front to those who commit to one or two years of Xbox Live service.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, but those prices certainly seem plausible. But are they fair? Let us know how much you would pay for your next-generation console in the poll below.