There is nothing quite like the feeling one gets for a brief moment when an iPhone slips out of a user’s hand or off a table and tumbles to the ground. Shattered iPhone displays translate to easy money for repair shops though, and now Apple wants a bigger piece of the action. Reports confirmed earlier this week that Apple will begin fixing broken iPhone screens inside its Apple Stores for $149, and the 512 Pixels blog has published a leaked photo from behind the scenes at an Apple Store, revealing the machine that Geniuses use to wrap up the process of swapping out a broken iPhone display.

512 Pixels says that iPhone repairs are now a “top priority” for Apple Store employees, and it notes that some Geniuses will work on nothing but repairing broken iPhones for a portion of their shifts. “We’re bringing China to the Genius room,” an unnamed Apple Store worker told the blog.

Despite the fact that its products now leak more regularly than devices and services from any of its rivals, Apple is known for putting a great deal of time and resources into keeping everything it does behind closed doors a secret. As such, it’s always interesting when we get a peek behind the curtain.

The leaked image follows below.