When you’re a tween or teen who just has to repost that great porn GIF you just found, Facebook really isn’t the place to do it. It’s not that porn GIFs are any less appreciated by Facebook users, of course, but rather that young users are often tracked by their parents on the world’s top social network. As a result, a recent Pew Research study found that teenagers are moving away from Facebook and finding a new home on Tumblr.

Of course, the freedom to post porn isn’t Tumblr’s only allure. “I have a Facebook, a Tumblr, and Twitter,” an anonymous 15-year-old girl told Pew. “I don’t use Facebook or Twitter much. I rather use Tumblr to look for interesting stories. I like Tumblr because I don’t have to present a specific or false image of myself and I don’t have to interact with people I don’t necessarily want to talk to.”

Another reason teens are ditching Facebook is to avoid the inevitable drama and arguments that inevitably ensue beneath shared photos and status updates.

“OK, here’s something I want to say. I think Facebook can be fun, but also it’s drama central,” an 18-year-old male said. “On Facebook, people imply things and say things, even just by a like, that they wouldn’t say in real life.”

Yahoo announced earlier this week that it acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion, and there was some initial backlash from Tumblr users afraid Yahoo might rain on their parade. Yahoo assured Tumblr users that their porn is safe, however, so it should be business as usual for the time being.

The full study is available on Pew’s site.