Samsung on Tuesday announced its new mobile memory that promises to deliver PC-like performance for multimedia-intensive features on smartphones and tablets. The 20-nanometer class low power DDR3 mobile RAM is equipped with 4GB of memory and is capable of transmitting data at up to 2,133 Mbps per pin. Samsung says at those speeds, three full HD videos could be transmitted in one second in a mobile device.

“By providing the most efficient next-generation mobile memory with a very large data capacity, we are now enabling OEMs to introduce even more innovative designs in the marketplace,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing for Samsung. “Our 20nm-class four gigabit mobile DRAM provides another example of our ability to deliver well-differentiated, high-performance, high-density memory to customers in a timely manner.”

Compared to older 30-nanometer class low power DDR3 mobile RAM, the new memory chip improves performance by more than 30% and reduces power consumption by 20%.

Samsung said that it plans to increase production of its 20nm-class mobile memory chip later this year.

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