Microsoft has reportedly developed an Android application with the sole purpose of stealing users away from Google. According to a report from CITE World, the company will be releasing the “Switch to Windows Phone” application on Android to help users change platforms. The application is able to “find identical or replacement applications” for Windows Phone 8 to replace a user’s old Android apps, thus making the transition far more bearable.

The program will scan a user’s current Android app selection and upload the information to a SkyDrive account, at which time a customer can log into the same account on Windows Phone 8 handset and have identical apps automatically downloaded to their device. In the event that an exact match for an Android app isn’t available, the system will recommend a similar alternative.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has targeted Google. In the past, the company has launched several high-profile anti-Google advertising campaigns as the two companies continue to fight for customers.

The Switch to Windows Phone application will reportedly launch sometime this week.