Google’s engineering director Ray Kurzweil, who has long been known for both his bold futurist predictions and his work in artificial intelligence, has laid out his vision for where search is headed in a new interview with Wired — and he’d apparently like to see Google become more like a friend with search benefits. Kurzweil starts off the interview by saying that he’s working at Google to help its search engine pick up more semantic meanings and thus help users receive good answers to more complicated questions.

Longer term, Kurzweil wants to see search evolve to understand even more complex language that will involve “emotional intelligence, being funny, getting the joke, being sexy, being loving, understanding human emotion.”

Kurzweil predicts that computers will be able to have a deep understanding of human emotion by 2029, a time when he’s also predicted that we’ll be able to eat as much junk food as we want because we’ll all have nanobots injected into our bodies that will provide us with all the proper nutrients we need while also eliminating all excess fat from unhealthy foods.