As we’ve said before, the entire tech industry should be fearful of Samsung. And now The Associated Press reports that “a number of Taiwanese manufacturers are carving out alliances with high-tech companies in Japan and the United States that are also facing off against Samsung, in an effort to safeguard market share and give a boost to Taiwan’s economy.” The most prominent of these American companies is Apple, which has been searching far and wide for component vendors capable of replacing Samsung as its top display and chipset supplier, and which AppleInsider notes has reportedly considered using TSMC as an alternative.

To make things even more interesting, Taiwan’s government has even started openly pushing Taiwanese companies to collaborate with one another and to use in-country components for their devices instead of going to Samsung. Stephen Su, a marketing analyst with Taiwan’s state-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute, tells the AP that “we hope the tech companies can work together with their suppliers during the early product developing process, rather than wait until the new components are developed” and explains that HTC is now trying a pilot program of using all-local chips for its new devices.