Despite negative reception and poor sales, Dell remains committed to Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. The company has confirmed that it plans to release “future generations” of ARM-based tablets that will be lighter and faster than before, IDG News reported. Neil Hand, Dell’s vice president, acknowledged that adoption hasn’t lived up to expectation, although he believes the platform has a good chance to succeed once users become more familiar with the new tile-based interface.

Prices of Windows RT devices have been in a downward spiral for much of 2013 as retailers attempt to sell off remaining inventory. Samsung and Acer have both voiced their concerns about the operating system and claim Microsoft isn’t doing enough to support it.

One of the biggest complaints is Windows RT’s compatibility issue with older x86 applications. Unlike Windows 8 which can run traditional programs, Windows RT devices are limited to new applications available in the Windows Store. Hand believes that as more applications become available, in the “long haul it shouldn’t matter if it is Windows on ARM, Windows on Intel, [or] Windows on anything else.”