HTC (2498) is tired of being “quietly brilliant” and now wants to make some noise. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, new HTC chief marketing officer  Benjamin Ho said that his company in the past hadn’t “been loud enough” in promoting its own innovations and promised to take a bolder approach that would attract more attention to the company’s products. As the Journal notes, part of the campaign will involve fighting dirty against its rivals — for example, we’ve already seen how HTC has started publicly bashing Samsung (005930) and its Galaxy S 4 smartphone, which the company’s official Twitter account described as “the next big flop.” Additionally, the Journal reports that Ho plans on “increasing the digital marketing budget for the company by 250% this year compared with 2012, and increasing traditional media marketing spending by 100%.” Which is to say, expect to hear a lot more from HTC in the coming months.