Google (GOOG) CEO chairman Eric Schmidt had some kind words for Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN) at the company’s Big Tent Summit in India this week. In particular, the executive praised Apple as a “tremendous technology innovator” that can “build beautiful products.” But while Schmidt was adamant in his praise for Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad, he was also was quick to point out the superior experience users can have on a Nexus 10 tablet by claiming that it has “more apps, is more scalable and more secure.”

He also acknowledged that while he is “a BlackBerry user, because I like the keyboard,” he believes the company is “slowly in trouble.” Even though Schmidt would choose a BlackBerry over a Kindle, he explained that Amazon is in better shape as a company.

“Amazon has well passed any of the expectations of its ability to change distribution and marketing,” he said, adding that the company is both an important Google partner and a good competitor.