Dish’s (DISH) commercial-skipper DVR dubbed “Hopper” has taken a lot of heat from major networks, several of which sued the company last May. Fox Broadcasting Company was counted among the networks that sued, and it argued that by automatically skipping the commercials aired during primetime shows recorded on the Hopper’s DVR, Dish is “destroying the fundamental underpinnings of the broadcast television ecosystem.” Now, Fox is back and it’s asking the district court in Los Angeles to block Hopper sales again, this time due to the box’s in-built “on the go” feature that allows users to stream content over the Web from their home TV.

“Paying Dish for a satellite television subscription does not buy anyone the right to receive Fox’s live broadcast signal over the Internet or to make copies of Fox programs to watch ‘on the go,’ because Dish does not have the right to offer these services to its subscribers in the first place,” Fox argued in its filing, according to Bloomberg.

A hearing regarding Fox’s new complaint is scheduled to take place on March 22nd.