If you think we’re tired of the patent wars, just imagine how the litigants feel. Engadget notices that David Eun, the executive vice president at Samsung’s (005930) Open Innovation Center, had a very candid answer when asked about his company’s relationship with Apple (AAPL) in the wake of the two companies’ assorted legal spats at the D:Dive Into Media 2013 conference on Monday night. Eun said that the fights with Apple were “a loss” for the industry and innovation as a whole, which is an especially understandable sentiment given that his company was on the losing end of a $1 billion patent verdict, but it is also a widely held notion that has been expressed by some of America’s top legal minds as well. Reuters reported over the weekend that Apple CEO Tim Cook had originally opposed taking legal action with Samsung during his tenure as Apple COO but had been overruled by then-CEO Steve Jobs, so it seems as though Samsung isn’t the only company out there with patent suit fatigue.