Apple’s (AAPL) new iMac computers are an engineering feat, but the All-in-One’s striking design apparently has some downsides. Numerous reports have suggested Apple’s manufacturing partner is having difficulties with the processes required to assemble the new iMac, which is just 5 millimeters thick at its edges. The case design is made possible by an “advanced welding process” that has proven difficult to accomplish, and now a new report suggests Apple’s display panel supplier is having yield issues as well.

Citing multiple unnamed industry sources, Digitimes on Thursday reported that LG Display (LPL) is having difficulties with the lamination process required to properly bond its display panels to the glass that covers them in the 27-inch iMac.

“LG Display has reportedly been facing full lamination issues while producing the panels, slowing down shipments of the 27-inch device to 100,000 units a month,” Digitimes’ Alex Wolfgram wrote.

LG Display is expected to improve 27-inch iMac display yields in February according to the report, which would mean end-user supply is likely to remain light through February and into March.