Samsung’s (005930) ingenious idea to cram Android Jelly Bean into a camera with a 21x optical zoom, 4.8-inch screen and with cellular connectivity is nothing short of impressive. The only bone we have to pick with the Galaxy Camera is that it’s only available on AT&T (T) in the U.S. and it only supports HSPA+ instead of faster 4G LTE networks. A newly discovered FCC filing indicates Verizon (VZ) is already testing a variant of the Galaxy Camera on its 700MHz band that does have 4G LTE, however. Verizon and Samsung haven’t made any official announcements yet, but it’s likely that battery life for the Galaxy Camera will take a hit with LTE turned on. If you’ve had your eye on the Galaxy Camera but can’t live without LTE, it might be best to hold out just a little longer — Verizon’s pricing for the Galaxy Camera will likely be similar to the $499.99 AT&T is selling it for.