Microsoft’s (MSFT) Panos Panay on Thursday announced that the company’s second Windows tablet, the Windows 8-powered Microsoft Surface Pro, will launch in January starting at $899. The base model will include a high-definition display, 4GB of RAM, a 1/2-inch-thick magnesium case and 64GB of internal storage along with microSDXC support for up to 64GB of additional memory. Microsoft will also make a 128GB version available for $999 and both versions will ship with an included “Surface pen” stylus.

BGR recently revisited the Microsoft Surface after a month of usage and said that in the end, the Surface with Windows RT has a lot of potential but it really makes us want the Windows 8 version of the slate. An earlier report suggests sales of the current Surface model have been about half of what Microsoft was hoping for, so the company will look to pick up the pace significantly with the launch of the Surface Pro.