In many ways, the Nokia’s (NOKLumia 920 is the antithesis of the iPhone 5. Nokia’s design language to build devices that feel more “human” and have a solid and weighted feel is completely different from Apple’s (AAPL), which strives to make devices thinner, lighter and stripped down to the bare essentials. With the Lumia 920, Nokia has finally built a smartphone that stands out from the crowd. Marko Ahtisaari, head of design at Nokia, isn’t a household name the way Jonathan Ive is, but in this video he convincingly breaks down the vision behind the Lumia 920.

Ahtisaari says he wanted to do something different with the Lumia 920, but only if it could be “meaningfully better” than what’s already available. You really can’t help but be reminded of Ive while watching Ahtisaari explain the way Nokia paid attention to the details of the Lumia 920’s ceramic buttons, curved screen edges and the idea of making the phone more “human” with wireless charging and NFC.

Clearly, Nokia put a lot of thought and, dare we say, love, into designing the Lumia 920. The company’s video follows below.