Shortly before midnight on Monday two criminals accessed a cargo building in John F. Kennedy airport and managed to steal $1.5 million worth of iPad minis. According to The New York Post, the pair used the airport’s own forklift to load two pallets containing the Apple (AAPL) tablets into their vehicle. The criminals promptly fled the scene after being confronted by an airport employee with three additional pallets left untouched. As of Wednesday night, the duo were still at large and police are now suspecting the criminals had help from an insider. The more than 3,500 stolen iPad mini devices came from a shipping company known as Cargo Airport Services and had just arrived from China. The incident took place in the same cargo building as the 1978 Lufthansa heist where a group of criminals ran off with $5 million in cash and nearly $900,000 worth of jewelry, a haul that when adjusted for inflation totals more than $21 million.