Waiting for the latest Android update is usually a hit or a miss if you don’t have the latest high-end smartphone. HTC (2498) says it’s prioritizing One X and One S devices to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Once the update gets pushed out for those devices, the company will work on getting Jelly Bean running on devices that it launched in 2012. As far as 2011 devices, HTC says it’ll see if it’s doable after the evaluation for all the 2012 devices wraps up. Anyone with a One V or Desire C are out of luck, as HTC says it won’t be updating any devices with 512MB of RAM. Lastly, as DroidLife notes, it’s not clear if the Thunderbolt and its 768MB of RAM qualifies for Jelly Bean or not, but seeing as it still hasn’t received its promised Ice Cream Sandwich update, Jelly Bean isn’t looking too likely.

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