It’s not surprising that Microsoft (MSFT) plans to sunset Windows Live Messenger, especially now that it has the more superior Skype under its wing. According to The Verge, “Windows Live Messenger service will be retired in the coming months and integrated into Skype.” The tech blog believes an announcement could be made as early as this week. When BGR got a chance to go hands-on with the Skype for Windows 8 app and Windows Phone 8 app, we were told that ultimately Skype is the future. Even so, Microsoft reps said there’s still a huge market, particularly in Russia and Asia, where the MSN/Live brand is virtually synonymous with instant messaging. While Windows Live Messenger might be missed by those still clinging on to it, shifting to Skype will make the platform seamless on more products — smartphones, tablets and likely even future Xbox consoles.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that it will phase out Windows Live Messenger with Skype by Q1 2013.

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