iOS 6 gave Siri the ability to track sports, look up movies and ratings, launch apps and make restaurant reservations. The update was a step in the right direction to fleshing out Siri’s capabilities, but there’s still a long ways to go before Apple’s (AAPL) personal assistant becomes more than just a novel gimmick. According to 9to5Mac, developers who are testing iOS 6.1 have discovered that Siri will be have the ability to help you purchase movie tickets through Fandango. The solution is somewhat half-baked, though, as Siri will only bring up showtimes and a purchase button, but the final checkout for the tickets is routed through the Fandango app. In the end, you still need to use the Fandango app, anyway. 9to5Mac says the feature appears to be U.S. only and will only work at select movie theaters.

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