Google (GOOG) CEO Larry Page made a return to the public spotlight this week and talked about his company’s recent troubles with antitrust regulators in both the United States and Europe. Speaking at Google’s annual Zeitgeist conference in Paradise Valley, Arizona on Tuesday, Page warned against the “over-regulation of the Internet and restriction of what people can do” as key threats to Google’s future.

“That’s something I worry about,” he said. “We don’t actually know how the Internet is going to work 10 years from now. So it’s kind of, I think, a mistake to start carving out large classes that you don’t really understand yet that you don’t want to let people do. I think that’s the approach a lot of regulators are taking, which I think is sad.”

Page did express hope that Google could successfully cooperate with antitrust regulators to work out their differences. A full video of Page’s talk is posted below.