Google TV was a bold endeavor for Google (GOOG). It was supposed to pick up where Microsoft’s (MSFT) WebTV failed in the 1990s. First launched in 2010, Google TV flopped and still is a flop for two reasons: expensive hardware and poor implementation. With hardly a mention as to what Google TV’s future  will be at this year’s Google I/O, a product video for the next version of the platform (since made private) has surfaced showing off voice control. With it, Google could beat Apple (AAPL) to a voice-controllable TV.

As TheNextWeb reports, the pulled video preview shows off a voice-activated search controls. Users can call out specific TV shows and movie names such as Mad Men, voice search by genre, and even launch apps and websites. A mini-guide located at the bottom of the screen also provides smarter recommendations as well.

And if that wasn’t already a big enough update, the video also showed off tablet connectivity that allows Google TV to relay content over to a smaller display, SmartGlass-style.

Google hasn’t revealed when the new Google TV will drop, but if the video slip-up is already ready to go, it could mean a launch very soon.