Google TV was a bold endeavor for Google (GOOG). It was supposed to pick up where Microsoft’s (MSFT) WebTV failed in the 1990s. First launched in 2010, Google TV flopped and still is a flop for two reasons: expensive hardware and poor implementation. With hardly a mention as to what Google TV’s future  will be at this year’s Google I/O, a product video for the next version of the platform (since made private) has surfaced showing off voice control. With it, Google could beat Apple (AAPL) to a voice-controllable TV.

As TheNextWeb reports, the pulled video preview shows off a voice-activated search controls. Users can call out specific TV shows and movie names such as Mad Men, voice search by genre, and even launch apps and websites. A mini-guide located at the bottom of the screen also provides smarter recommendations as well.

And if that wasn’t already a big enough update, the video also showed off tablet connectivity that allows Google TV to relay content over to a smaller display, SmartGlass-style.

Google hasn’t revealed when the new Google TV will drop, but if the video slip-up is already ready to go, it could mean a launch very soon.


Raymond Wong is a technology reporter with a passion for cutting-edge gadgets and clean design. He first realized his love for technology when he burned through so many AA batteries on the original Game Boy that scraping battery acid off it became the norm.