Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation Store is getting a complete redesign on October 17th. Sony is replacing the old casual blue interface with a darker, more hardcore-looking design that resonates better with the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita demographic. Gone are all of the tiny little generic icons and in its place are nice big and clear tiles that prominently display how much a game, app, video or song costs. According to Eurogamer, Sony tweaked the search to make it faster and easier to use with smarter recommendations and results.

The entire UI appears to have gotten a facelift with menus that are much more navigable than before. In fact, Eurogamer went as far as to say the new PlayStation Store revamp feels very much inspired by the Metro dashboard on Microsoft’s (MSFTXbox 360 — only much darker. For the time being, the PlayStation Store makeover lands next week in Europe first. Sony’s mum on when the new digital store will hit other regions. Official Sony screenshots of the new PlayStation Store follow below.

[Via Eurogamer]


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