A last-minute production change could mean Apple’s (AAPL) rumored iPad mini will launch without a cellular data option. According to The Guardian’s sources, Apple will be able to “produce [the iPad mini] comparatively cheaply and to limit the top price of the product, while retaining mobile broadband connectivity for its pricier iPad line.” It’s also worth noting that Apple has never released any iteration of the 9.7-inch iPad without a 3G or 4G LTE model alongside it. The news comes as Apple is reportedly ordering 10 million iPad minis despite hiccups with producing the tablet’s anodized aluminum casing. The Guardian also goes on to say that it expects the iPad mini to launch in November. The smaller Apple slate is rumored to have a 7.85-inch display (1,024 x 768 resolution), slimmer side bezels and a razor-thin profile.