Despite claims of patent infringement, Apple’s (AAPL) Passbook app is slowly gaining momentum. After receiving support from a number of high-profile brands such as Major League Baseball, Ticketmaster and Walgreens (WAG), the iOS 6 application received another boost with the additions of McDonald’s (MCD), Airbnb and Eventbrite, The Next Web reported. The Passbook-enabled McDonald’s app can be used to order and purchase food right from a customer’s iPhone, although it is only available in France at the moment. The additions of Airbnb and Eventbrite are seen as significant development for the platform as well because both companies have dealt extensively with mobile transactions. Eventbrite, for one, has issued more than 50 million tickets and totaled mores than 1 billion in sales, while Airbnb has booked more than 10 million guest and seen a 26% increase in its mobile traffic.


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