Amid issues with Maps, light leaks and scratching and scuffing aluminum casings, Apple (AAPL) is still selling out of every single iPhone 5 it is making. And it’s not that Apple isn’t trying to make more iPhone 5’s to keep up with demand; rather, Apple can’t produce enough iPhone 5’s because its component suppliers are running into problems producing the new thinner in-cell screens that combine the touch sensor and display onto a single layer. But Analyst Shaw Wu from Sterne Agee now says that yield rates for the in-cell screens are improving and that Apple should be able to produce more iPhone 5s shortly. 

According to Wu’s latest note to investors: “Apple has very high standards where it aims to produce each model to be an exact replica where variance is measured in microns.” He went on to say the iPhone 5 is “not easy to build” but still believes Apple might have sold 27 million iPhones at the end of September. Wu predicts Apple will sell 46.5 million iPhone 5’s in the new fiscal quarter.