The Xbox 360 turns seven this November, which is an awfully long time for a console to still be kicking around. According to a report from SemiAccurateMicrosoft’s (MSFTXbox 360 successor might not arrive until early 2014 because of chip production snags. The site claims the issue is with the next Xbox’s AMD processor, codenamed “Oban.” SemiAccurate says that poor yield rates might push the console from its rumored holiday 2013 launch into 2014 if Microsoft’s supply partners can’t resolve the production issues. Microsoft is reported to be dual or triple sourcing its next-gen Xbox chips to multiple foundries in the hopes the kinks will be ironed out fast. If rumors are to be believed, the next Xbox will come with a Blu-ray drive, upgraded Kinect and possibly bring games streamed from the cloud.

[Via OXM]


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