Apple Samsung Patent Trial Verdict

As the jury in Apple (AAPL) and Samsung’s (005930) high-profile patent battle in San Jose, California begins to deliberate, a verdict has been handed down in a similar trial taking place half way around the world. A South Korean court on Friday turned in a split decision in a trial between the two consumer electronics giants, finding that devices from each company infringed upon patents held by the other. Sales bans have been put in place on devices from each side, though no current-generation devices from either side are covered by the ruling — in fact, The Wall Street Journal reports that the majority of affected devices are no longer sold by either company. In addition to the sales bans, Apple was ordered to pay $35,300 in total damages for two patent violations, or 0.0004% of the $8.8 billion in net profit it took in last quarter. For the one patent Samsung was found guilty of infringing, the court ordered it to pay $22,000 in damages, or 0.00037% of its most recent quarterly profits.