The good news for Nokia (NOK): if Windows Phone does as well as Microsoft (MSFT) hopes, it will be in an excellent position to reap the benefits. The bad news: Windows Phone isn’t doing as well as Microsoft had hoped right now — not by a long shot. The latest data from analytics firm Localytics shows that while Nokia has become the dominant player among Windows Phone manufacturers, the growth in the overall Windows Phone market has been too small for Nokia to really benefit.

According to Localytics, Nokia’s share of the Windows Phone market has surged from just 22% this past January to 59% in July. The trouble is, according to the most recent numbers from IDC, Windows Phone smartphones still account for only 3.5% of all smartphones shipped, meaning that simply ruling the Windows Phone roost won’t be nearly enough to help Nokia escape its current woes unless things start to pick up soon.

[via AllThingsD]


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